To Bet On Sports



to bet on sports

How to bet on sports through the Internet, so it started to bring profit, we will destroy the myths and reveal the secrets that you need to know about betting on sports.

Bet any person, but not everyone can make a profit. And this is largely due to the initially wrong approach.



What you need to know about betting on sports

The first thing to understand is the principle of work of bookmaker offices.

The bookmaker always positive, whatever the outcome

How do they do it? Let us consider the example

 Suppose that the expected soccer match between the Spanish Barcelona and Yaroslavl Shinnik


Only 3 possible outcome:

Wins Barcelona
Shinnik Wins


For each event the bookies calculate the odds — that is, working in such firms people predict the outcome of the meeting and make assumptions about the probability of outcome of each event.

Based on these assumptions and calculated primary coefficients by the formula


Low-margin bookmaker

The word "low margin", those who earn from the turnover (in fact the method that we described above). They don't care how you bet and how much, because in the end they are still in the black. With these offices is staffed by professional players. Their margin is usually about 2%.

Their disadvantages: narrow line — a small painting rates.

Pros: higher reliability.


Fundamental bookmakers

If you search on the Internet what is the fundamental of the office, you always write about the same thing:

A wide painting of bets, including live

Earn on the losses of players

Not like professionals

Designed for lovers of

Cut highs to vilochnym and other guys

I honestly do not have any understanding of who these guys are and how they work, if you understand the principle of their earnings please write in the comments.


How not to lose money in betting

Only after some time realize that winning is not important, the first thing we must begin to understand how not to lose and to go at least to zero when you start to bet on sports.

According to unofficial statistics, 90% of players lose their money in betting and only 10% have a stable income, putting himself in pocket money of 90%.

How to get into the 10% read on.

If you have already prepared to clear and specific instructions for saving your money, then nothing is a magic pill does not exist. But there are basic rules that will reduce the risk to a minimum.

First of all, the player should be prepared for the fact that his finances are already lost. So define for yourself at once — how much you are ready to merge before starting to work. If you set out to truly make money in the game, you have to put a lot of intellectual effort and surrender with all seriousness. Yes, the key here is intellectual work.
Emotions — the main enemy. Like many stories of how people poured their deposits and placing the money on emotions – for example, put on a victory of team 1, she started to play and biting elbows go and put in live for the other team, in order to mitigate the loss, In the end team 1 wins, but you're in the red, hurt. The most absurd bets are placed on the background of emotions after an easy win or hard loss.

Don't play for broke. Set yourself a maximum bet in the amount of 1-5% of the Deposit and never violate this rule.
Define yourself a limit on the number of bets a week. Why is it necessary? from experience I can say that after losing, you really want to win immediately and that compliance with this limit makes a sudden from the stupid decisions that lead to bankruptcy.

In the end, make yourself a list of rules that under no circumstances be violated. Analyze and add to it after each loss, do not get fooled by emotions remind yourself that any broken rule is the path to bankruptcy.

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