Predictions for the matches

You probably know that the top cyber-sport teams in the world participate in tournaments in Counter-Strike. Odds of winning the teams can be found in the relevant section of the website. Let me all explain step by step so you can finally earn real money on their favorite game bet on CS GO. For starters, go through registration on this website, filling in all requested fields on the page. This process will take up to 5 minutes.

Then replenish the account, for example through WebMoney or credit card. There is one feature. If you make the first Deposit and the amount you bring to the site more than$ 50 or the equivalent based on the exchange rate, you will add 10$ as a gift. I recommend not to refuse a freebie.

After that, you go into the category of ESports, where the list lists all games for the near future. There is not only betting on Counter-Strike, but betting on eSports including DotA 2 bets. To place your bid just. Find in the list of games a strong team, and click on factor. Coefficients, this is the real predictions on CS GO matches. The lower the coefficient, the higher the chances of the team. This opens a basket of bets, where you specify the amount you want to wager. In addition, this page will always be recommended forecast from the bookie professional on eSports match.

As you can see, to make money on the game are very simple. Your knowledge of the game will be your trump card. Follow the news of the teams, their structures, and analyze them strategy and win money! CS rates are now available to everyone! To digress a bit, I want to tell you about forbidden techniques that used cyber athletes in the competition.

Interesting facts about eSports

Not so long ago, at the end of 2014, before the big DreamHack Winter 2014, a scandal broke out around the three professional players, which was accused of cheating. The crux of the problem lay in the fact that they used a software module that connected to the game and helped in shooting the enemy. This help was not visible from the outside and to detect the cheat was impossible. He worked as closers flies sight when fired at the enemy. That is, given that the players have restored the sight of plus or minus in the kill enemy, cheat leveled the crosshairs a few pixels for accurate hit in the head. Thus, players had the advantage, especially with a sniper rifle. Corporation Walve, which is the developer games Counter-Strike, leads the investigation so far, because to identify cheat on remote computers, is almost impossible

features of bets in the game

Despite this, e-sports began to grow in popularity, and the competitions that are held regularly for the entertainment and mass are not inferior sports. Millions of viewers, thousands of first-class players, excitement, intrigue — how could betting sector to keep this out attention? Of course not!

Of course, in order to achieve success in the field of betting in this game, not necessarily be able to play it myself. In fact, none of the experts on Boxing bets not out himself in the ring? But, on the other hand, if it is possible, it is still better to play it. This will provide an opportunity to understand some of the nuances of the game, and then we can hope that CS: GO bets will be successful. If there is no opportunity, time or desire, then you can not spend time on this and begin to study the features of bets in the game. For this you will need to just watch the game teams. Look for their strengths and set against your chosen team plays a weak opponent.

The process of analysis and forecasting differences from the sport virtually no. In the same way, study teams, team members, factors, and the significance of an event. As for the game, the essence lies in the fact that gamers are on the cards, a part of the game they stand for terrorists, the second part is for employees of the special forces. All the competition going on several stages. At the end of the round is the winner with total points.

One of the significant differences from the sport to which you should pay attention before you make a bet on CS GO is a gear gamers. Of course, I mean in the virtual world. In sports this is not there. But the game has. And it is necessary to track. Any time a gamer can to buy better weapons or equipment for your character. And it will give him a significant advantage compared to what it was before the purchase. For many users, who no longer newcomers in the betting field, this nuance will be at first unusual. But if you sit and read for equipment and weapons, however, and so interesting to many men, this week it is possible to fully settle these issues.

Remember that your main advantage is that you know the game. Bookmakers do not play, in order to give odds on the game they enjoy dry statistics. Your task is to use their advantage to win.

But for a person uninformed and do not understand the subtleties of Counter-Strike is to sit on forums where fans of the game. With sufficient patience there can be found a lot of useful information, including predictions. Often visit such forums and the gamers themselves, enjoying the rays glory. And it gives you the opportunity to know the forecasts for the next few games.

Thanks for read the article to the end! I wish you good luck in future bets! If you are interested in another topic, for example how to look at the website results sports live

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